Group Of Teenage Friends Dressed For Prom

5 Prom Night Suggestions for Teens and Parents

One of the most exciting times in any teenager’s life is their prom. Not only do they get to dress up in formal clothes, but they also get to hang out with their friends as they dance to some of their favorite music for hours on end.

Group Of Teenage Friends Dressed For PromOn the flip side, there tends to be a significant amount of stigma that comes to proms. That’s because, given the amount of independence that teens are given, there is the temptation to do things like drink, do drugs and engage in other forms of illicit activity.

So, if you want to make sure that your child has lots of fun but also remains safe in the process, we have provided you with a list of five prom night suggestions for both parents as well as teens below:

See what the school’s code of conduct is for the prom. Every school administration has a code of conduct for school-sponsored activities, and the prom is no exception. So, contact your child’s school directly so that you can a list of their rules, including any of the permissible off-site activities and things that will result in disciplinary action if your child participates in them. (This doesn’t just include things like drinking and drugs; sometimes there are strict dress codes too.)

Establish some rules of communication. Once you know what your child’s school expects, it’s then time to talk to them about what you desire during that night. This includes what time you expect them to come home, if you give them permission to go to a restaurant or club following the prom, if you want them to keep their cell phone on them at all times and what to do if they find themselves in compromising positions (for instance, if their date wants to engage in some level of physical intimacy that they are not interested in).

Clarify transportation plans. Whether you decide to rent your child a limo, you are going to let them drive or their date or friends are going to pick them up, don’t forget to clarify their transportation plans. Not only do you need to know how they plan on arriving to the prom but if you are renting a limo, get familiar with the driver before your child leaves your home, and if they are riding with a date or some friends, ask to get their cell number; just in case there is an emergency and your child cannot be reached on their own phone.

Do not drink. It’s not uncommon for drinking to be a potential issue for teenagers. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s illegal, though. So, aside from the fact that drinking and driving is dangerous, also remember to tell your child that if they are pulled over by the police and they’ve been consuming alcohol, it could also put them in jeopardy with the law. For this reason, no matter what, drinking (even sipping champagne) should not be an option.

Have cab fare. Say that your child got the perfect prom night outfit from Night Moves by Allure and they are headed out the door. Before they leave, there is one more thing that you should remind them: no matter what, they should not stay in an environment they are uncomfortable in. Let them know that you will be available, no matter what the time, to pick them up. Also, give them cab fare. This will assure them that they are still in control no matter what may be going on around them, and also that they have your support. That’s something every child should feel on their prom night.

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