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Why #Glee and I STILL aren’t speaking.

If you have not watched last night’s episode of Glee yet, do not read this! It’s all SPOILERY on MKR today.

The writers of Glee have clearly LOST THEIR FREAKING MINDS. They’re taking everyone’s character and flipping them around 180 degrees and having them do/say things they’d never do/say. Hearing Blaine sing “Hopelessly Devoted to You” tonight made me a little sick to my stomach after the ridiculous cheating incident. And even though I adore Darren Criss, the overly emotional entirely fake crying after the song made me LOL – it was that bad. I think I’ll go back to listening to “Somebody that I Used to Know”, “Somewhere Only We Know” and “It’s Time” — the songs I typically associate with Blaine.

Finn. Poor guy. He always says or does the wrong thing. But for him to call a baby retarded makes me sick. And is so far out of character, I’m not even sure it’s in this realm anymore. And I seriously can’t wait until they get him over his whole “I embarrassed myself out of the Army” (with a rifle they don’t issue Army recruits, using live ammo they definitely do NOT give recruits, but I digress), “I lost Rachel forever” (bullshit – that girl is batshit crazy in love with Finn… and he broke up with her because he was jealous that she was living out her dream in NYC… again, I digress), blah blah blah. Hearing him wish for a car to crush him made me want to slap him upside his stupid head.

[Sidenote: I don't know if Sue continuously calling Finn "Fatty" was in reference to the fact that Cory Monteith (who I share a birthday with! -- he's exactly one year older than I am) lost a bunch of weight, but I kept giggling since he's clearly shed a few pounds. Although it's not nice to call people fat. Ever.]

I don’t care about Kitty. At all. She’s the NuQuinn, but even Quinn wasn’t THIS horrible. When she went off on Marley towards the end of the episode, I’m surprised she wasn’t slapped by everyone on screen.

Jake isn’t nearly as exciting or BA as Puck was, but I think he’s got a decent voice. I’d like to see where they could take his character — after they stop recycling storylines from previous seasons (see: Puck/Quinn/Finn love triangle).

Marley is cute and has a great voice, but her character is BLAND.

I loved watching Emma tonight. She’s really come far in the last few seasons. I hope she continues to grow that backbone!

I LOVE Matthew Morrison, but I could honestly care less about his character right now. Have him sing some more (I so miss the days of “Alone” and “Dream On”) or have him leave the show. Finn could be a great director for the Glee club. At least then we wouldn’t have to hear him whining about how he lost his dream, his dignity, and his girlfriend all the time anymore. Will inspires the kids, yes, but to have a fantastic singer like Matthew Morrison wasting away on the sidelines just makes me sad.

I was okay not seeing Rachel and Kurt this episode. I like them, but I think if there had been more of the “WAHHH I’VE LOST MY LOVE!” crap, I might’ve thrown up.

I’ve tolerated Sue’s bigotry since the beginning. I was happy when the writers turned her into more of an actual person with the revelation that she had a handicapable sister whom she adored and took marvelous care of, plus her friendship with Becky and the birth of her baby, but tonight’s episode made me SICK TO MY STOMACH. Jane Lynch showed what a fantastic actress she is by not throwing up every time she had to utter that vile crap about Unique (who I LOVE).

I still love Glee, but I still don’t think we’re on speaking terms.

Mama Kitty

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