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Review: All Alone in a Sea of Romance by BG Thomas

All Alone in a Sea of Romance by B.G. Thomas eBookI’m Jude Parks, writer of gay romances. Even though I’m good at what I do, the irony is that I haven’t exactly been lucky in love. My friend Jeannie says it’s because I settle for Mr. Right Now instead of holding out for Mr. Forever. I say I’d rather regret what I have done than what I haven’t.

I only came to Romantic Voyages, the biggest romance convention in the country, for business. Yet in no time I got mixed up with a gorgeous cover model, weeping artists, drag queens, and crazy housewives—and became the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Well, they say any press is good press.

Maybe I should’ve stayed home. But then I never would’ve met Tommy Smith, the craziest, most outrageous, silly, sexy man I’ve ever known—a man who makes me wonder if it may be worth holding out for Mr. Forever. A man who might turn my rotten luck around. But only if we survive the weekend and I clear my name…

  • Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (October 4, 2012)
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
  • Language: English
  • FTC Disclosure: my copy provided my the author

Dreamspinner // Amazon // Barnes & Noble // GoodReads

I was going through the upcoming releases on the Dreamspinner website a few months ago and saw the blurb for All Alone in a Sea of Romance. I thought that it looked both funny and interesting, so I added it to my wishlist. Imagine my surprise when BG Thomas emailed me and asked me if I still needed it. HELL YES I DO!! I’m a broke as a joke college student and I blow through my book budget regularly. This was like a gift from heaven.

I picked up the book while waiting to pick Monkey up from school on 24 October and was (for once) horribly upset for the line to move because I wanted to keep reading. I literally laughed out loud so many times within the first few pages that I lost count. Jude is hilarious and sweet and just the type of guy I’d love to be friends with. Tommy is outlandish and a little crazy but at heart he’s a darling. He’s also someone I know I’d want to be friends with.

I cursed every time I had to put the book down. I finished it within 2 days, emailing BG in the middle of reading in order to let him know how much I was enjoying it. He says I made his day, since he got the email before he went to work, but honestly I think he is the one that made my day. I kept laughing at little things I’d remember from whatever situation Jude was stumbling through and making my classmates think I’m crazy. Not difficult to do, but I digress.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Tommy’s drag queen persona. He was so full of life and amazing that I didn’t think it was possible to dislike anything about him, but with how much Jude was against being with a drag queen… well, it colored my perception somewhat. But I ended up loving him even when he was in his drag queen persona, which I should’ve known.

The only issue I really had with the book was that I figured out who the culprit was from pretty much the beginning of the book – but then, I’ve been reading/watching mysteries since I was born (blame my mother).

If you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted read, pick up All Alone in a Sea of Romance. The buy links are above.

Favorite quote:
“I froze. A drag queen? A drag queen?
Fantasy ruined.”

Rating: 4.75 meows 

Mama Kitty

MamaKitty is a mother to a beautiful little girl, wife to her own real life hero, a registered radiographic technologist, student, book reviewer, and author of contemporary romance (as Paige Prince). She hates to be bored, loves a good book, and can usually be found on Twitter or Facebook.

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