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Review from MamaJo

Enslaved in Shadow By Tigres Eden

3 Meows

Quick recap

Enslaved in Shadows is the first novel in Tigres Eden’s Shadow Unit series.  The book begins with us meeting Jesminda (Jes) and her best friend Bells on vacation in Belize, where Jesminda’s family is from originally.  Jes wants to have a little fun and step outside her normal comfort zone, enter Draven our dark haired, green-eyed, walking sex god.  Jes and Draven meet up for a steamy, no names, one – night stand.  The next evening, Jes and Bells arrive at a party being held by a friend in his club, where Jes sees her mystery man from the night before with another woman and flees with Bells in utter humiliation.

Fast forward five years: Jes has just divorced and escaped her abusive husband with her five year old daughter and seeks help from the Shadow Unit.  During her marriage to Marcus, Jes has her world turned upside down by learning about not only the existence of vampires and shape shifters, but also that her best friend is a shape shifter and her husband is kidnapping vampires for nefarious reasons.

Draven is actually Agent Stone of the Shadow Unit and is put in charge of the mission to protect the human woman and her child while trying to rescue the kidnapped vampires.  Sparks fly when he discovers his fantasy from five years ago is actually his mission.

What I liked

I loved the characters, Jes and Draven made me believe their emotions.  You get enough interaction to decide how you feel about all of the secondary characters.  Some you will love, some you will hate.  No one in this book is perfect, which I really appreciate.

The premise of the “Immortal” community, I really like where Ms. Eden is headed with her immortal characters.  Vampires, shape shifters, royal blood lines, and slaves to the Gods.

The smexy time! Hot – like take an ice cold shower hot.  Draven is drool worthy.

What I didn’t like

Some of the descriptions in the first sex were just over the top for me: “Stings of cyclopean desire tighten and stretched as her orgasm crashed over her body” and “It was foreplay to the tenth degree times infinity”.  For me, sometimes less really is more.

I would have liked a little more world building, some more background into each of the races and cultures.  There were a few things about mating that nagged me at the end of the book, but I am hoping that may be clarified in the next installment.  I also felt that one plot device was left completely out in left field.

While I understand the draw of ending a series novel in a cliff hanger, I didn’t get a great feeling from this ending.  I believe that to be intentional.  This is not a book with a HEA.

Overall, I like this one and will read the next in the series, Burned in Shadows when it comes out.  This is a good first novel.

This book was given to MK Reviews as an ARC.


MamaJo is a working wife and mother of two that is rarely seen without a book in her hand. She started reading horror novels in elementary school and from there has read some of everything. Her favorite genres are horror, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, suspense, and romantic suspense. You will also catch her with a contemporary or historical romance at least once a month to "cleanse her reading palate".

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