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13 Things I Wanna Do Once The Semester is Over

Hi! Remember me? Yeah, it’s MamaMia giving you a dose of Thursday 13! *throws confetti*

So I know that you’ve been waiting to hear from me for a while, and I’m sorry that I’ve been so MIA, but I have to tell you, SCHOOL is driving me up a wall! Really (and what else is new?).

Really, though, I’ve been taking a lot more classes this semester, an internship, my nifty a capella group, (so I can get my real life GLEE on), and a job, so my days are pretty jam-packed from sun up to sun down. But! I’ve decided to take a much needed break from all that to hop on my favorite thing in the world—MKR! I have three more weeks of school (two of those weeks are finals), so I’m in the home stretch.

SO, understandably, here’s 13 THINGS I WANNA DO ONCE THE SEMESTER IS OVER:

  1. Sleep. Just cause, you know, I miss it.
  2. Tackle my TBR pile. It’s about 47 books deep (at last count), and about 11 of those are requested MKR reviews. Also, if you’re an author, and you’ve asked me for a review, I haven’t forgotten about you, and I WILL review your book!
  3. Take better care of myself. I really want to like, take my vitamins, eat something that doesn’t come out of a vending machine.
  4. Have a drink. Cause after this semester, I kinda need one.
  5. Punch whoever Norton is in the face. Cause I’ve had to lug three Norton Anthologies (British Literature, Shakespeare, and African American Literature) around campus. And they’re huge and cumbersome.
  6. Buy some new clothes. So I’ve made some drastic changes and lost some weight, so now all of my clothes are hanging off me! So I’d like to take some time out and go shopping. Plus, I love shoes. So I really want some shoes.
  7. Use my brand-new Amazon Prime account. So, the S.O. bought me a year subscription for my birthday a few weeks ago, and I have YET to use it! I plan to add to my TBR pile.
  8. Figure out what grad schools I am applying to, and get crackin’ on applications. This is an ongoing process, and changes as I decide if I want to be a writer (MFA programs, then), a professor of African-American literature (an MA/PhD program, then), or a publisher (a certification/ MS/MA in publishing, then). I will say, the one thing that I’ve always wanted to be is an editor. So that’s something to think about.
  9. Figure out what my summer is gonna look like. So I’m GRADUATING *throws more confetti* in May, and depending upon a bunch of things, I may be spending my summer in Texas (working) or in New York (if I get accepted into this program. More on that later.) Either way, there’s Authors After Dark in Savannah, GA coming up in August, and I REALLY want to go (and see MK!).
  10. Buy a new computer. The one that I’m typing this blog post up on, my trusty Sony VAIO, is being held together by tape and a prayer. And while I love my computer, it’s just not gonna hang on for much longer. So, I need to research and buy another one. I’m trying to decide between a Macbook (pricey, and doesn’t come standard with Word, which is my life), and a Lenovo Ideabook (light and portable, durable, and/but…a PC).
  11. Read all of Paradise Lost. So, while I loooooove romance, I’m a total literature buff (at least, I’d like to think so), and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Milton. And next semester, I’m taking a class all. On. Paradise. Lost. *cue squeals and girly hand flapping NOW*. I read about 4 books of it over the summer for a British Literature survey class, but, obviously, it’s really long. And I’m the type of literature student who reads with pencil in hand and margin notes abounding, so it’s bound to be a long adventure.
  12.  Set up my home-office. Because my desk is currently a coat rack. And that’s probably why nothing gets done around these parts.
  13. RELAX! I get less than a month off, so I’d like to be able to unwind. Maybe take a bubble-bath, drink some wine, listen to some music, and chill. Tis’ the season, y’all!


A recent college grad and lover of all things literary, MamaMia has been reading romance novels probably before it was appropriate for her to do so. She is addicted to her iPhone and all social media, and she is always on the prowl for good characters to fall in love with. She is currently on a contemporary romance kick, but is known to read about vampires, teens fighting bad guys, and Navy SEALs, to name a few.

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One Response to 13 Things I Wanna Do Once The Semester is Over

  • Mama Kitty says:

    You copied my Thursday 13 ideas! How did you manage that? Oh that’s right… we’re both students with insane schedules. :)

    Here’s hoping that you get to tackle everything on your list. xoxo

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