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Reading Until Dawn

Review requests currently closed

Our review request pile is currently closer to a mountain, and we're kind of afraid it's going to fall on our heads and bury us all in a massive book avalanche. Until we can get through the majority of the TBR list we have right now, we at MKR are currently unable to accept any new review requests. But please keep us in mind in the future!

Now booking blog tours

Are you in search of the next stop for your blog tour? Look no further! MKR is currently booking spots for spotlights, author interviews, excerpts, guest posts, Music Monday, and Feel Good Friday. If you are interested in booking a spot here on MKR, please contact MamaKitty or MamaJo. **we are currently unable to accept review requests for blog tour stops**

Music Monday with Ninja Kitty

Hello All! I am the NinjaKitty – a new reviewer for MamaKitty. I have a very very random music taste and would like to give you a taste. I always have two songs rolling in my head at any given time, so there is no telling what I put up here:

“The Assumption Song”

This song is near impossible to forget. And I LOVE the animation in it. Yes, this is a pretty good idea of the type of person I am. This is my humor.

NinjaKitty out!


NinjaKitty loves to pounce on her enemies, dark, dangerous, quick and deadly. In her time when not skulking in shadows and hiding in darkness she devours books and leaves reviews.

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