Are You Obeying the Rules of the Road?

For many drivers, there will come a time when they will either get into or avoid an accident by the skin of their teeth.

That said obeying the rules of the road will decrease the chances of an accident coming your way.

Among some of the keys to being a good driver:

· Rules of the road – Make sure you obey the rules of the road from not speeding to not driving in a reckless manner. Although everyone will go a little over the speed limit at times, do not make it a habit. If you have a habit of running late (see more below), it can end up costing you and others.

· Polishing your skills – Even if you’ve been driving for decades, it never hurts to polish up on your skills. By either going online or visiting your local DMV office, you can get up to speed on your state’s latest driving laws.

· Avoid confrontation – It can be real easy to get tangled up in a road rage incident with another driver. He or she does something while you’re on the road that bothers you. In turn, you lash out at them. All this ends up doing is creating the potential for an accident and more. If someone is driving in an erratic manner around you, do your best to avoid them and let them go on their way.

Be Knowledgeable About Your Vehicle

No matter how much money you spent on your vehicle, making sure it is well-maintained is crucial.

As an example, do you have children? If so, you do not want them riding in a car or truck that has safety issues, right?

Take the time to make sure your vehicle has regular maintenance check-ups. In doing this, there is less of a chance that your vehicle will be an accident waiting to happen. Even if you’re trying to save money, you never want to skimp on safety.

Unfortunately, some drivers also fail to stay up to speed on recall notices. Although some recalls are for minor issues, others can prove rather serious. If you get a recall notice for your specific vehicle, do not throw it away. You could be driving around in a vehicle that has an issue that could lead to an accident.

Never Drive Drunk

You read about it or see it on the news all too often.

Someone got behind the wheel and decided they were still safe to drive after one too many drinks.

Given how alcohol can impair your ability to operate a vehicle, never get behind the wheel with a buzz on. All you are doing is setting you and others up for potential tragedy.

In the event you are feeling unfit to drive, ask a friend to take the keys. If he or she is not available, your best bet is getting a taxi. If that is not an option, sleep-off your buzz until you are fit to drive.

Last, if you are sober and encounter a drunk driver while out on the road, steer clear of them.

Keep in mind that their ability to process what is going on with traffic is not at 100 percent. As such, they could hit your vehicle with little effort. If needed, get off the road in a safe manner and let them continue on.

By obeying the rules, you stand a better chance of your driving years being accident-free.

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