Fertility Diet: 5 Things You Should Eat When Trying to Conceive

When you choose to have a child, you are preparing to start on a very exciting lifelong journey. Eating right can help you to start on the right foot for the best pregnancy. When trying to conceive, there are various ways to boost fertility and improve your health. Often, changing your diet slightly, will make a significant difference. Here are 5 things you should eat and add to your day to day diet when you are trying to conceive.

  1. Fertility DietWhen trying to get pregnant, you should be sure to include plenty of whole grains into your diet each day. Ideally, you should plan on consuming about 6 ounces of whole grains daily. These whole grains can provide you with plenty of antioxidants, B vitamins as well as much needed iron for a well-rounded diet. These vitamins will be essential when you are trying to conceive a child as well as throughout your pregnancy.
  2. Eat those veggies up every day! Try to incorporate as many brightly colored vegetables into your meals. The brighter the color of the vegetable, the better it is for you. When trying to conceive a child you will want to eat a least 3 cups of vegetables each day. Veggies like broccoli and kale can provide you with the calcium you need instead of relying on dairy products such as milk or cheese.
  3. Also eat lots of fruits which are full of vitamins like vitamin c as well as good sugars you body needs. Fruits can help you to maintain god reproductive health. Aim to eat about 3 cups daily.
  4. Incorporate fish into your meal once each week. Avoid fish containing high levels of mercury. Instead, eat low or non-mercury fish such as salmon, catfish, shrimp, or canned light tuna fish. These types of fish give your body a much needed boost of Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are vital to the development of a fetus. You may also want to take an Omega 3 supplement, especially if you do not like to eat fish.
  5. Finally, be sure to take a prenatal vitamin supplement to complement your healthy diet. Often people think that pre-natal vitamins are only needed once you are already pregnant, but they can actually prove to be very effective when trying to conceive as well. While you can likely get the nutrients you need from your foods, a supplement will ensure that you get the right amount of each vitamin daily to fill in any gaps and ensure comprehensive support.

When trying to conceive, it is important that you take measures to keep your body, healthy, fit and strong. Eating a well-balanced diet with all the right nutrients will help you to increase your chances of getting pregnant while also setting you up to have a healthy, safe, and stress free pregnancy when you are pregnant with your baby. Doctors who study fertility & genetics agrees that these diet changes are ideal for conceiving a baby. Be sure to eat whole grains, colorful vegetables and fruits, fish with omega 3 fatty acids, and a well-balanced prenatal vitamin each day for the best and most effective results.

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