How StealthMate Makes Parenting Easier in the Digital Age

It’s no big secret that today’s younger generation is pretty much addicted to mobile devices like Android phones. These gadgets may have made life more entertaining and convenient for kids, but unfortunately it has also made it a whole lot more challenging for you, the parents, to keep them safe from the new set of dangers that have emerged and grown rapidly in recent years. Access to web-connected mobile devices has left kids vulnerable to all sorts of threats that include but are not limited to predators, cyberbullying, and pornography. Fortunately, you now have StealthMate to help you tackle these challenges. This monitoring tool facilitates you in keeping an eye on your kids’ smartphone and web activities, thus allowing you to protect them from myriad digital threats with unprecedented convenience.

Sight and Insight into SMS Conversations

As explained on StealthMate’s official site http://www.stealthmate.com/android-monitoring-software, you can keep tabs on your kids’ text through the help of this app.  This covers all sent and received text messages on your kids’ phone. You’ll also be able to learn who they’re talking to, what they’re talking about, what kind of language they’re using, etc. Access to this kind of information would certainly help you in parenting your kids better.

Easy Access to Call Details

StealthMate comes equipped with the call logging feature that allows you to keep tabs on all the numbers from which the calls were received, and to which the calls were made on your kids’ phones. You can know their phone numbers, and also see the duration of the calls made or received. Furthermore, every number that’s saved on your kids’ phones is also made available to you remotely.

Complete Record of Web Browsing

Children spend most of time browsing the web and usually visit sites related to their interests. This is fine as long as they’re not visiting sites that are inappropriate for their age group, or which can have a negative influence on them. This includes sites hosting pornographic, violent, drug-related, suicide-related, and other such content. To alert you in case your kids start venturing into these shady corners of the web, StealthMate delivers details of all the URLs accessed by them, thus helping you in identifying and dealing with problematic situations before they get out of hand.

Regular Updates on Kids’ Location

As soon as kids leave the house, you probably start worrying about where they may have gone and whether they’re safe or not. StealthMate delivers you the coveted peace of mind by keeping you updated about their whereabouts through its GPS tracking feature. This is particularly helpful in case your kids have been acting strange lately and spending an unusual amount of time out of the house.

StealthMate is undoubtedly a reliable solution for shielding kids from the many threats associated with the likes of Android phones and other web-connected devices. If you really feel that you cannot defeat these threats on your own, then this app is just the assistance you need to turn the odds in your favor.

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