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Is It Time to Start Dating Once Again?

If the idea of getting back into the dating field intrigues you, where might you start?

For single moms thinking about restarting their dating lives, it can be a scary thought. Whether they’ve been out of the dating cycle for a few months or even a few years, where exactly do they start?

Among several questions you want to be able to answer:

· Is this the right time for me to start dating again?

· Will my children be supportive of my dating choices?

· How safe is online dating and dating in general?

Although you may not come up with all the answers at first, don’t let that deter you from trying dating again.

Safety is Always a Top Priority

So that you can be as safe as possible in re-entering the dating world, remember a few keys:

1. Commonsense

In most cases, using commonsense will keep you safe more times than not.

As an example, never meet someone new other than in a public area. Meeting for coffee or a drink in a restaurant or bar is fine. You should also alert a family member or close friend that you are going on a date. This way they know where you were planning to be in the event something goes amiss.

It is also a wise idea to learn as much as possible (see more below) about the individual you are going to meet up with.

2. Background

Especially in today’s world of online dating, it is important to note that not everyone is who they claim to be. As such, knowing as much as possible about them works to your advantage.

You could opt to perform a background check on any individuals you have interest in getting to know. While some may think this is taking things a little too far, you might discover an interesting detail or two. In doing so, it could save you from some trouble down the road.

3. Expectations

Always be up front with a date from day one.

Unfortunately, some dates won’t take a hint that you’re in fact not all that into them after a first meeting. In turn, it could lead to some safety issues for you going forward.

If you are not feeling a connection with the individual you went on a date with, let them know that. While it is not always easy to break such news to someone, it is better to be upfront about it.

When you have children, they should always be priority number one.

As such, let your date know that from when you first begin talking with them. This can lessen conflict and jealousy should your date or dates turn into something more.

4. Children

Getting your children’s approval of the individual you are dating is not always easy.

With that in mind, don’t pressure your children to like the individual from day one. Often, it will take many interactions for everyone to feel comfortable together. It is natural for some kids to be lukewarm to individuals their parent begins dating after a divorce etc.

It is best to not introduce your children to the individual you’ve decided to be exclusive with for a while. Tell your child about them and vice-versa. This way when they finally do meet, they will have some things to talk about.

Although parenting is not always easy, would you trade it for anything else in the world?

If it is time to start dating once again, always make safety and commonsense key components of your life.

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