Is Your Teen Ready to Be Handed the Car Keys?

When the timing is right to give your teen the keys to the car, will you know it?

For countless parents, that timing can be difficult to sense. Although your teen may not want to drive right away, you don’t want to deny them what many consider a rite of passage.

But, some teens are itching to get behind the wheel the minute they hit the needed age for a permit. As such, you have a decision on your hands that is not always an easy one.

No matter the right time in your home for your teen to begin driving, make sure safety is never left out of focus.

From the vehicle they operate to their actions in the vehicle, safety must always be number one.

So, is your teen ready to get the car keys?

Making Sure Safety is in the Driver’s Seat

If your teen will begin driving soon, here are a few areas you do not want to overlook:

· Vehicle needs – To start, make sure the family vehicle is ready for the task at hand. This means having a car that has regular maintenance over time. Check the brakes, tire pressure, and all other important components. When it comes to possible add-ons, you may think about using a wireless backup camera system. Such systems help keep drivers and passengers safer from rear-end collisions. Once the vehicle is ready to go, your teen should be too.

· Other drivers – Even with entire driver’s education, you have to instill confidence in them that he or she can handle the road. Yes, your teen might be the safest driver you come across, but it is oftentimes the others one has to worry about. Remind them over and over about being an alert driver at all times. It only takes the loss of focus for a second or two to lead to tragedy.

· Staying alert – From drowsy to distracted driving, there are ways your teen could be in an accident. With drowsy driving, reinforce the importance of never driving tired. If your teen feels like they are getting sleepy, remind them to get off the road and to safety. It is never worth trying to push it and end up in an accident. With distractions, make sure they know the dangers of texting and other such issues.

· Drinking and driving – One of the deadliest things to avoid is drinking and driving. Unfortunately, countless teens die during prom and graduation seasons. There is never an excuse for a teen or anyone for that matter to drink and drive. You may even want to show your teen a video or two about the dangers of alcohol and getting behind the wheel.

Know When to Take Your Foot off the Gas Pedal

As a parent, you know all too well that you can at times come across as a nag to your children.

Sure, you want to show them you care, but at times you go over the line in taking control of their lives. As such, you may in fact lose that connection you have with them.

When it comes to your teen driving, be sure he or she knows you support them 100 percent. While you may nag them at times about safety, you do it because you care.

Also make sure they know that getting in an accident happens to many adults each day of the year. If your teen is unfortunately in an accident, show them that they are much more important than a vehicle.

By showing your teen you care, they are more likely to be responsible drivers from day one.

In the end, that is a winning formula for everyone involved.

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