Kitchen Safety Basics All Parents Should Know

The kitchen is a really compelling place for the young children. There are people that bustle around and shiny items that are really attractive. The problem is that everything important happens out of sight of the child, in stoves, on counters and so on. The young one is basically interested in participating. Camel Toast highlights that the innate curiosity of children will always get the better of them. This is why you need to be sure the kitchen is childproof. While this can be done in many different ways, here are some quick and simple tips you can use right now.

General Kitchen Safety

  • Look for sharp corners and edges – children can easily get injured on these
  • Secure every single handle and knob
  • Keep your entire kitchen floor skid-proof and always wipe up the spills as soon as they happen
  • Install high quality safety latches on the cupboards and cabinets
  • Safety latch installation helps
  • Keep all that is dangerous out of the reach of the child
  • Get rid of the plastic bags as safely as possible

Kitchen Stoves And Ovens

  • You have to be sure ovens, burners and stoves will properly work at all times.
  • Back burners are necessary whenever possible
  • Flammable objects should be completely out of reach of children
  • All pan and pot handles have to be secure. If they are loose problems can appear.
  • Childproof covers should be placed on the oven knobs and on the stoves. Knobs should be removed as much as possible whenever you do not use the appliances.
  • Always check for the presence of hot surfaces.
  • Be extremely careful when you open the hot oven door and look out for children.


  • Childproof door latches are recommended
  • Refrigerator magnets should be removed
  • You want to warn the children not to use their tongues to touch the cold surfaces
  • Remove the doors from the old appliances


  • Sharp items should never be left inside your dishwasher
  • Childproof appliance latches will add protection

Smaller Appliances

  • You should always unplug all small appliances like coffee makers, blenders, food processors and toasters after you finish using them
  • Cord shorteners help in many cases
  • Never use metal objects in order to unclog toasters or similar and be sure your children do not do the same

Dining Areas

  • Dispose of or repair rickety chairs
  • Secure the tables with quality center pedestals
  • Shove all the chairs right back against tables
  • Tabletops should always be properly anchored to the bases
  • Always check for staples, splintered wood, protruding nails, jagged edges and sharp bolts
  • Never keep cloths on dining tables as children tend to pull from them

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to keep your kitchen safer for the children. Follow all the advice that was listed above and be sure you are going to always supervise children when they are in the kitchen. If you are not present, doors should be locked. This is much more important than what you may think at the moment. The kitchen is often forgotten when thinking about child safety. Do not make this huge mistake!

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