Should You Allow Your Teen to Drive?

If you have a teenager in your family, you have probably given some thought as to whether he or she should be allowed to drive. The idea of your teen getting behind the wheel of a vehicle might send shivers down your spine. Let’s face it: Teens aren’t the most responsible or careful individuals. Add in the fact that auto insurance for teens is exorbitantly high and you are probably leaning against the idea of letting your teen drive. Despitethese potential problems, you should allow your teen drive. Here’s why.

Give Your Teen Something to Do

The typical teen goes to school, engages in extracurricular activities and hangs out with his neighborhood friends. Today’s teens aren’t like those in the 80s and 90s or earlier. Very few teens work compared to those of yesteryear. If your teen isn’t heavily involved with school activities, he is likely searching for things to do. Set him up with a cheap car so he can get a part-time job, volunteer or simply get out there and do things. A vehicle will get your teen out of the house, away from the screens and into the community.

If he scores a part-time job, part of his earnings can go toward the cost of vehicle upkeep and auto insurance. More importantly, a vehicle will ensure your teen doesn’t sit around like a bump on a log playing video games, watching TV and surfing the web. He needs wheels to form relationships, gain work experience and become a true contributor to your local community. Don’t worry about your teen getting nabbed for speeding. If he is ticketed, he can enroll in a defensive driving course to keep his auto insurance at a reasonable level and his driver’s license in good standing.

A Sense of Responsibility

Allow your teen to drive and he will have a newfound sense of responsibility. Your teen will perform vehicle maintenance, pay auto insurance bills and drive safely to prevent damage to the vehicle. This experience will help your teen mature faster and feel as though it is time to become a responsible adult. Allowing your teen to drive will also provide him with the opportunity to find work and help pay his way in life. The skills and experience he obtains from part-time employment will shape him into a more responsible individual and help prepare him for the 9 to 5 grind.

Driving Enriches Your Teen’s Life

If you had the opportunity to drive as a teen, you probably remember the incredible sense of freedom you felt each time you got behind the wheel and turned the key. Every teen should enjoy this freedom. Your teen has spent the last 16 to 18 years in your home, relying on you and friends’ parents for rides around town. Leaning on others for transportation isn’t fun or exciting in the slightest, as long as he isn’t playing any car games new and old. Let your teen get his license, contribute toward the cost of a vehicle and go on adventures with his friends. Access to wheels is essential for your teen to get the most enjoyment out of life. He will never get these important years back. Would you rather have him stay at home and spend his free time staring into the screen or have him enjoy new experiences with a cheap vehicle?

A Vehicle Enhances Your Teen’s Social Life

Friends mean the world to the typical teen. Allow your teen to drive and it will strengthen his current friendships while providing numerous opportunities to spark up new relationships. These alliances certainly have the potential to lead to plenty of tomfoolery. However, new friendships also have the potential to lead to networking opportunities and the chance to make memories that last a lifetime.

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