Top 5 places to shop for kids clothing and why

As a parent, it may be a challenge finding stylish and attractive clothes that are comfortable for your kids to wear and that will hold up well to the abuse they will undoubtedly inflict over the course of a day. Whether you are shopping for new clothes for the next season or are looking for a special outfit for a big event scheduled on your calendar, you may be wondering where to shop. While there seems to be no end to the number of retailers carrying kids clothing, there are a few top shops that you may have the most success at finding cute, quality clothes.

1. Peekkids.com
This online retailer offers unique and stylish clothing options for babies and kids alike. The line is updated seasonally, and the website offers free shipping on orders over $100 as a benefit to consumers. Furthermore, there is an online mailing list and a birthday club that can help parents keep up with the latest trends in kids clothes and save money on their purchases.

2. Gap.com
Gap is a highly established retailer that carries a sophisticated line of clothes for babies, kids, teens and adults. The clothing line is generally rather traditional, and khakis, classic jeans and button-down shirts are common. However, there are also other options that may be bedazzled, fur-lined and more to add a touch of modern flair to classic looks.

3. LandsEnd.com
Through Land’s End, parents can easily find a great selection of quality clothes, and most of the options are reasonably priced. The line is fairly similar to that of Gap, but you may find more prints and stripes in the Land’s End line. In addition to tops and bottoms, you can also find outerwear, bathing suits, shoes and other related items through the website.

4. OldNavy.com
Old Navy has numerous retail shops in key markets across the country where you can shop, but you may save time and energy by searching for cute styles online. One of the great things about Old Navy is that their clothes are generally very affordably priced, and there are usually sales that add to the value.

5. RUUM.com
RUUM is the children’s division of American Eagle, and the clothes featured here are both trendy and high in quality. Parents can pick up classic jeans, stylish shirts, shoes, hats and even backpacks for their kids when they shop online through this website.

If you need to pick up a few new pieces to add to your children’s wardrobes, take a closer look at what these popular kids’ clothing retailers have to offer. You are sure to find great styles and affordable prices through these retailers.

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