Top 5 Tips for Taking Timeless Newborn Baby Photos

Babies don’t stay babies forever, so it is important to capture those first few months before they are gone forever. However, it can be difficult to capture those moments – mainly because newborns are hard to photograph. Newborns cry, fidget and spend a lot of time sleeping, so it can be rare to find those fleeting moments where you get a smile, a relaxed look or a natural position. The main thing to know about newborn baby photos is that they need to be somewhat natural to be timeless, which is why a photographer needs a lot of patience when taking pictures of babies. Here are the tip five tips for taking timeless newborn baby photos.

  1. Newborn Baby PhotosLet your newborn be a newborn. Babies need to be swaddled and they need to feel safe, so it is important that you don’t eliminate those factors just for the sake of taking a photograph. In that case, you want to bring the most photogenic blanket that you can photograph your newborn in. You may also want to use a bed to capture your newborn while he or she is asleep. If you can compromise on having a lot of photographs of your newborn sleeping, you will walk away with a lot of memorable photos.
  2. Take the flash off and use natural lighting. A newborn’s eyes are incredibly sensitive, so you don’t want to be shining too much bright light into your baby’s face. Not only that, but the photos will look unnatural if you use a flash. So, make sure to incorporate plenty of natural lighting. When it comes down to it, shooting by a window with lots of natural sunlight can be an ideal place to photograph newborns.
  3. Keep the lens cap off the camera. When you are shooting a newborn, you always want to be ready to capture the shot. This can be when you least expect it, so you want to be prepared – not trying to take off your camera lens. Newborns don’t really understand the concept of posing, but in between shooting, there may be a moment where your newborn opens his or her eyes and does something adorable. Having the camera ready to snap away is critical for these moments.
  4. Go digital. One of the greatest benefits of digital is that you can essentially take an infinite amount of photos. Any photography studio these days, like the Diego Molina Photography studio, will use digital technology. With film, you have to purchase new rolls and you have to get the film professionally developed. When taking photographs of newborns, digital will allow you to take the right amount of photos until you know that you have a few winners. If you want to give your digital photographs a film look, you may be able to turn your color photographs into black and white.
  5. Be flexible. This could just be one of the most important photography tips when photographing newborns. Taking photographs of newborns can be difficult, frustrating and time consuming, but hey, you are taking photographs of newborns. So, the more relaxed and flexible you are, the easier it will be to capture some timeless shots that you’ll be able to hold on to for a lifetime.

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