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Blog Tour Guest Post & Contest – Elise Hepner

Hello ladies and gents, thank you so much, Mamakitty for having me on your blog today to talk about my little short story that could, Sextionary.

This particular BDSM novella has a special place in my heart, mainly because it was only supposed to be five thousand words. And originally, Jasper and Jill wanted to be Kat and Jill. A lesbian short story. That is, until Kat clammed up, claiming I was writing the story all wrong—then Jasper came out to play. Jasper took my little lesbian, Jill, and put her over his knee until a completely new character emerged after lots and lots of deletions.

Although they shared the same name, that’s where the comparisons stopped.

Jill in the old Sextionary was all “yes, ma’am” and “no, ma’am” whereas this new Jill, oh, she’ll submit—eventually—she likes to do things the hard way. Re-writing with new character’s whipped my tiny short story into something so much longer that I almost didn’t know if I had it in me to do such a long scene with such pushy people. But they made me. If you don’t like the book, blame them. Their fault. I swear, Sextionary is one of the quickest novella’s I’ve ever written. I slammed it out in a little over eight days before editing. My brain still hurts. They just wouldn’t shut up and they had so much naughtiness to enact.

 Eventually, I know I’ll write a Sextionarysequel. I don’t have much a choice, really. Until then Kat and the other Jill are finally revealing their story and it’ll be a doozy—though not nearly as draining as the journey of Jasper and Jill. At least I hope they won’t be having me write without sleep.Characters are anything but predictable. Ask anyone. Well, not anyone. If you ask someone who isn’t a writer they might put you away in a padded cell, but—if I get to share my cell with Kit from American Horror Story Asylum, you know what? Take me in cuffs now.Now, I say!

At the end of all this madness, character’s switching bodies, genders, and insane asylums, if you’ve got anything good to speak below, please do so. Mostly because I’ve giving away a 10 dollar gift card to ARe (All Romance Ebooks) at the end of this blog hop and commenting enters you for free books! Thanks for stopping by!

One small, sand filled timer flipped Jasper and Jill’s world.

Boring, board game date nights evolved into twenty questions or a spanking. From stimulating conversations—to ripped panties as a makeshift gag.

And Jasper’s new fascination with anything leather pulling Jill further down onto her knees.

The Rules of the Game:

Jill draws on paper what she wants from her husband’s lips, tongue, teeth, and fingers.

No stick figures.

If Jasper can’t guess her needs, he takes over any way he sees fit.

Only a minute to shift their roles—but there’s always time for the darkest pleasure—and a line they never thought they would cross.

About the author

Elise Hepner lives with her husband, two ferrets, and an eccentric cat in Maryland. She spends the majority of her free time in her basement office concocting smutty characters and sinful situations that leaves readers satisfied. When not writing, she researches everything from automatons in the 18th century to gladiatorial rules in Ancient Rome. She prides herself on being an avid information hound as well as a blog reading addict–which is her favorite way to procrastinate. Her previous publications include books and stories with Excessica, Ellora’s Cave, and Cleis Press.


Mama Kitty

MamaKitty is a mother to a beautiful little girl, wife to her own real life hero, a registered radiographic technologist, student, book reviewer, and author of contemporary romance (as Paige Prince). She hates to be bored, loves a good book, and can usually be found on Twitter or Facebook.

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