Keeping Parents Alert

It’s not easy being parents. Some of the happiest couples are deliberately and resolutely committed to spending some time together, even though life gets busier..

They plan date nights with nice dinners, a movie, or a sports event. They seek and find time to share interests and catch up with events of the week. It lets them re-evaluate their successes and failures. (Yes, we all have things we would do differently when raising children.)

They worry about money and the children’s latest illnesses. They plan for futures and hope to stick to their guns on principles. The time is well spent even if they find it impossible to meets all their goals.

Leave home for the weekend

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Staying awake to stay on the job

Parenthood is exhausting, whether you are stay-at-home or not. It’s tough to get a restful night’s sleep, and most stimulants like caffeine have their negative effects. But, so-called “smart” drugs are getting a lot of parental attention. As they say at The Sleep Judge, “Insomnia can really take its toll on your physical and mental health.”

This does not promote amphetamines or the like. But, nootropics, like Adrafinil from Corpina, are non-prescription options to improve their cognitive function, creativity, and productivity. Adrafinil is a peptide, a nutrient related to Vitamin B12, and it came out of the work of researchers looking to remedy narcolepsy.

It can, of course, help you focus and stay alert, but proper use can also promote better sleeping habits. When sleep deprivation makes problems for parents, good sleep is the only solution. But, if nootropics make you day more productive, you should rest easier.

Courtly communication

With all the devices you have on hand, parents can communicate well and frequently. You should talk it over, but think about some regular online flirting with your spouse. He or she should be at the top of your texting list.

Share personal and family news that the spouse may be missing or away from. Trying not to send problems, you can share a joke or schedule some fun together. Even with children around you or in bed, you can share interests in sports or movies. Just make sure you talk about them.

Meet for lunch if you can or send a surprise gift. Meet after work for a drink. Or, just talk once a day about what’s on your mind and not attached to work. Keep each other informed on the business of the marriage and its needs, but bring optimism to the table.

This sort of intimacy is as important as the physical connection. Talking, body language, gestures, these are all important and successful strategies.

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